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Monday, March 27, 2006

15 Days With Palm Tungsten|W

My best friend call me when he bought the 2nd hand Palm Tungsten|W from the Net, he want me fill that stuff with lots of apps for Office, Read and entertainment.

Few days after he call me, the stuff arrive to my house, I open the box and find the shiny Tungsten|W with few extra cover and leather case, I open the simCard lid first and slip my simCard inside, powering up the mobile mode and the led is blinking red represent searching the network and the red blinking green when the network completly available.

I try to make a call with handsfree, sound quality is average, clear and there is no noise or feed back sound. The Tungsten|W is the first handheld which filled with phone GSM/GPRS Support from Palm before the that company merger with Handspring become PalmOne. Setting up the GPRS network as easy like on PalmOne Treo 600, but we have to know the User ID and Password for GPRS provider we are using.

VeriChat is the first application which installed to this device, I log on to my Yahoo Messenger account to try the built-in keyboard, The space between button is larger than Treo 600 built-in keyboard, but the button little small than Treo 600 has, unfortunately, The Tungsten|W built in keyboard has no backlight so I can't typing on dark environment... sigh....

While on phone mode screen, I can set the ringer through profile editor, few ringer not too loud than a regular phones but the vibrating allert is alternative to be an allert in noisy environment.

I'am very surprised with the high resolution 320x320 screen in Tungsten|W, more crisp and clear than my old Palm m500 grayscale screen ha ha ha ha... even when I compare with Treo 600 screen, I try to add some launcher apps which make this device more eye-cathing, ZLauncher is my final choice after MegaLauncher and Silverscreen, I try using few ZLauncher skin, themes and backimage, this launcher make this device become more useful and entertain.

Playing video clip using Kinoma Player is very good, the video is very smooth but there is no sound available, because this hardware just using the sound hardware only for alarm and phone ringer.

The battery life is very good, I try to running the mobile mode always-on and go online with VeryChat all days, the battery only drop 30% after 7 hour chatting with few friend on Yahoo Messenger but I set the normal bright screen and sometimes light screen set to off.

I'am urgue to my friend to buy a SD Card for storage and backing up the data. He send me new SkyDisk 128MB SD card, I slip that SD Card to Memory Card slot and try to instaling few apps like Bejeweled game from Astraware, Backup Buddy, RescoExplorer, Document To Go 6, Resco Photo Viewer, Palm Reader, and Kinoma Player. Using Palm File Browser I can using this device as a Flash Disk storage media.

I'am using this Palm Tungsten|W for my e-mail, chatting, and writing this review. This handheld make me satisfy since this stuff has built-in GSM/GPRS access, so I didn't have to pair my Palm device with GSM/GPRS phone as a modem when I want to go online, and built-in keyboard is very impressive, I can write a note, chat and write e-mail in bed.

Yesterday, my friend (Tungsten|W owner) call me, he will take back the handheld from me, and now I go back to my old Palm, using m500 with stylush for chat and write feel like go back to stone age... :((.

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