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Friday, October 22, 2010

Switch from 8320 to 8800

BlackBerry 8800 aka Huron

It's downgrade? yeah..I'm change my BlackBerry from Curve 8320 to 8800, The Curve 8320 sports with WiFi and 2 MPx camera, but BlackBerry 8800 aka Huron is plain BlackBerry device without camera and no WiFi, but Huron has a GPS receiver and comfortable QWERTY keyboard that fit in my big thumbs.

I restore my contacts, calendar, and notes from Curve to Huron, it's very easy and versatile without a problems, even I can restore my sound profile and other settings from previous device, It's nice. A little problem appear when my friend in BlackBerry Messanger ask me "Hey, you have two name here, is that you?"